Services Offered

If you are in search for the best garage door service in Rhode Island area, there is no one who is excellent and reliable enough than Garage Door Repair Lincoln RI do! Our company provides wide range services for specific garage door problems including repair, maintenance and installation to name few. Whether you need to fix the garage door of your commercial, industrial or residential property, we’ve got the best service that is suitable for your requirements. All of our service comes with an affordable price, yet without sacrificing our quality. The following are the services that

Garage Door Repair Lincoln RI offers: 

Garage Door Repair 
If your garage door is already causing some headache or is not functioning at all, then calling the professional help of Garage Door Repair Lincoln RI is the best option at hand. We offer excellent garage door service for our customers who are having a problem with their garage door. If your door got any problem or damage, we will immediately send a dispatch of our technician to examine your door. When they already assessed the problem, our adept team will conduct a repair service based on your door’s specific problem from broken garage door, spring replacement up to the toughest repair.

Garage Door Openers

We also install belt-drive, direct-drive and chain-drive garage door openers. Our friendly staff will help your understand & compare each of the options available, and will also assist you in your decision-making process if which one is the right item for your home or lifestyle.

Garage Door Installation/Replacement

Whether you are constructing your new home and need to install a garage door, or already wanted to get rid of your old and rusty door, we’ve got the perfect product for your needs! If you need a brand new garage door installation, we have variety of items that comes with extensive designs and high-quality material ranging from steel, metal, wood and other innovative and durable materials. Our installation service comes with NO HIDDEN FEE and NO OVERCHARGES; therefore, you can guarantee the worth of your investment.

Spring Replacement

If your garage spring is already worn out, we are also providing spring replacement and repair for your damaged equipment. We will send our staff to examine your garage door and provide a ‘same- day’ replacement or repair service to fix your worn out spring.